My name is Ellen Duthie. I was born in Cádiz (Spain) in 1974 of British parents and spent most of my childhood there, with regular visits to our family in UK. I went to university in Edinburgh, where I read Philosophy. In fact, the exact name of the degree at the time at Edinburgh was Mental Philosophy. When I was at university I worked as a waitress and as an English language teacher for children and adults. In the 20 years since I completed my degree, I have worked as a philosophy teacher, in academic publishing, in journalism and as a freelance translator and writer. 

In 2014 I set up the independent publishing imprint, Wonder Ponder, with two partners and launched the Wonder Ponder Visual Philosophy for Children. 

I am interested in children's literature and in philosophy and sometimes I like mixing them both and doing philosophy with children. 

I have run several philosophy for children projects in Spain in state schools, for children aged 3 to 12. 

I also write 

I have always liked children's literature and never stopped reading it, ev